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Tax Services


Tax Master's team of experienced accounting and bookkeeping experts provide you with the financial information you need to make critical business decisions. In addition to bookkeeping for small and large businesses, Tax Master offers payroll help, support in choosing and using accounting software,

professional tax services, and valuable financial advice to guide decision making.

Tax Advisory

Be prepared with a tax strategy

Business Tax Preparation Services

Focus on your business and generating profit

Individual Tax Preparation

Save time and money with accurate bookkeeping

Tax Resolution Services

Outline and implement a tax resolution plan

What To Expect

Reach Your Financial Goals
Every business has its own unique financial goals and our experts will help you reach yours with detailed tax planning and preparation.

Conquer Payroll Problems
Payroll is time-consuming. We'll streamline your payroll services and make sure your employee tax needs are fully managed.

Plan For Long-term Viability
Whether you're quickly growing or just starting out, our reliable bookkeeping services will help you plan for your business's long-term success with in depth tax consultation and planning year round.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When Should a Bank Reconciliation Be Prepared For the Upcoming Tax Year?
A: Bank reconciliations should be completed monthly. This typically happens at the end of the month once businesses receive their bank statements. At Tax Master, we prepare bank reconciliations as a tax service for our Denver, CO clients.

Q: What If I Receive Another Tax Form After Tax Master Has Prepared My Taxes?
A: After your taxes have been filed, you do have a window to amend your tax return. Generally, you have up to 3 years after filing your return to amend it. Contact us with your additional tax form and we will work with you to amend your tax return.

Q: How Do We Help Businesses Georgia With Tax Resolution?
A: At Tax Master, we help businesses in Georgia resolve their tax problems by working together with the IRS to actualize an organized plan for tax resolution. We efficiently help our businesses to resolve their tax issues and implement IRS-compliant tax strategies for the future.

Q: What Business Tax Services Do We Offer At Tax Master?

A: We offer the following tax services to our Georgia area clients:
     -Small business tax preparation
     -Tax advisory services on overall strategy
     -Individual tax preparation
     -Tax resolution



-Entry of Income and Expenses

-Monthly entry of income and expenses
-Provision of Profit/Loss Statements bi-yearly
-Yearly tax preparation
-Quarterly estimated tax payments
-Non-profit 990 E-2 filing 

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