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Business Financial & Growth Consulting


Tax Master’s team of experienced accounting and bookkeeping experts provide you with the business financial consultants you need to make critical decisions. In addition to providing bookkeeping services for small businesses & large businesses, Tax Master offers payroll help, support in choosing & using accounting software, professional tax services, and business financial consulting.


Part-Time CFO Services
Focus on your business and generating profit

Cash Flow Management

Same time and money with accurate bookkeeping

Strategic Business Planning

Stop spending your time buried in payroll task

Budgeting & Forecasting

Outline and implement a business plan.

Internal Controls

Internal control over

financial reporting


Enjoy a complete year of

no worries

What To Expect

Stay On Track Financially
With budgeting and forecasting services, you can better predict where your business is headed and how to improve profitability.

A Plan For Success
Our strategic business planning services will help you start your business, expand your company, or take on new opportunities.

Improve Internal Support
Whether you need a part-time CFO or want a third party to vet your company’s resource management, our experts can strengthen your internal systems to help you achieve and maintain profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What Is the Difference Between a Business Consultant vs. Financial Advisor?
A: A business consultant is typically brought in to organize the finances and strategy of an organization. This is typically in response to a need - either for better growth opportunities or to address an existing problem. In contrast, a financial advisor works within an organization in the long term to implement an overall strategy and execute on that strategy.

Q: Why Invest In Small Business Cash Flow Management?
A: As a small business, every cent you make carries value to your organization’s financial health. Investing in a top-notch cash flow management system helps you pay business expenses, invest in new opportunities, and prepare for future growth & strategy.

Q: Why Should I Use a Business Growth Consultant?
A: In short, you should use a business growth consultant because it helps you both understand how your organization functions currently and it helps you implement an actionable strategy for growing your business over the coming years.

Q: What Do We Do As a Business Development Consultant?
A: As business development consultants, Tax Master provides strategic solutions to help organizations organize and grow their business. That includes providing part-time CFO services, strategic business planning, and implementing accurate cash flow management.



-Entry of Income and Expenses

-Monthly entry of income and expenses
-Provision of Profit/Loss Statements bi-yearly
-Yearly tax preparation
-Quarterly estimated tax payments
-Non-profit 990 E-2 filing 

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