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Business Accounting Services


Tax Master's team of experienced accounting and bookkeeping experts provide you with the financial information you need to make critical business decisions.

In addition to bookkeeping for small and large businesses, Tax Master offers payroll help, support in choosing and using accounting software, and valuable financial advice to guide decision making.


Small Business Accounting Focus on your business and generating profit.

Bookkeeping Services:

Save time and money with accurate bookkeeping.

Payroll Service Solutions:

Stop spending your time buried in payroll tasks.

A Man and a Woman looking at a Design
New Business Formation:

Outline and implement a business plan.

Non-Profit Organizations

Setup and maintenance

Accounting Management Software

Consulting and training on accounting software

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What Accounting Services Do Small Businesses Need?
A: Small businesses need the following accounting services to successfully operate long term:

Monthly accounting
Cash flow forecasting
CFO services

Q: Why Does Hiring an Accounting Manager Help Your Business Grow?
A:Hiring an accounting manager helps your business grow in three ways: 
1. By giving you the information you need to make better operational decisions. 
2. By freeing you from the time it takes to organize your bookkeeping and accounting. 
3. By providing you with a clear understanding of strategies you can employ to increase your business’s growth potential.



Q: Why Is Accounting Important For Your Organization?
–+Accounting allows you to understand how well your business is performing. It helps you better visualize your income and expenditures. It also allows you to remain compliant with investors and government entities. Accounting is essential to helping you identify opportunities for growth within your business.


Q: What Is the Difference Between Bookkeeping and Accounting?
A:Bookkeeping focuses on recording and organizing data. This data typically consists of payroll, invoices, and business transactions. In contrast, accounting is the interpretation of the data provided by bookkeeping. Accounting consists of financial statements, budgets, and tax returns.

Q: What Small Business Accounting Services Do We Offer At Tax Master?
A: We offer accounting services, bookkeeping services, and payroll services for small businesses on a monthly, recurring basis. We also track and manage tax services, allowing small businesses to save money and better plan for growth down the line.



-Entry of Income and Expenses

-Monthly entry of income and expenses
-Provision of Profit/Loss Statements bi-yearly
-Yearly tax preparation
-Quarterly estimated tax payments
-Non-profit 990 E-2 filing 

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